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York Caledonian Society are trying to raise funds for our society for the coming academic year.

York Caledonian Society
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A short summary

York Caledonian Society is traditionally a dancing society. However, with current social distancing guidelines it is impossible for us to hold our usual socials. Therefore, we are fundraising in order to give the society some additional financial support whilst we organise alternative social events during this difficult period. We hope, with your help, we can raise £500. 

Who are you?

York Caledonian Society teaches Scottish reeling and organises practice sessions, balls and socials for our members. 

Where will the money go?

The money will go towards organising our members exciting and enjoyable socials. We really hope that, once social distancing guidelines allow for it, we will be able to continue to teach Scottish reeling on a weekly basis. It is a great opportunity for students to create friendships. We have created a fantastic, welcoming community over the last few years and hope with your support we will be able to continue to do so. Typically our weekly socials in the past have been free for all members. We are also one of the few societies at the University to regularly hold non-drinking socials (dancing) and hope that we can continue to do so. We are aware by hosting alternative events, besides free dancing socials, it is likely to become expensive for some members. We hope this money can be used to support the cost of future events (such as the Ball) to make them as inclusive as possible for all of our members. We plan to continually give you project progress reports on our social media pages. The £500 goal will be split between social events to reduce the cost for members where possible throughout the academic year.


We have some great rewards for you! A £10 donation guarantees society membership, providing you are currently a student at the University. Membership guarantees some great discounts including at Revolution (our main sponsor) and for our events, such as our fabulous Ball. Alternatively, a £25 donation guarantees a ticket to our Brunch*! For £30 you will receive both a membership and a brunch ticket*.

*Brunch tickets are subject to availability. 

Find us here

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/calsocyork

Instagram- @yorkcalsoc

Email us to be added to our mailing list! caledoniansociety@yusu.org

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