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York Centurions

Getting the University of York American Football team ready to break records

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This project received pledges on Fri 22 Jan 2016

Welcome to our YuStart Page!  We need your help to raise money to take York Centurions to the next level.  

Our Story

York Centurions are the University of York's only American Football team,  founded in 2006, we played our inaugural season in 209/10.  We are now firmly established as a BUCS (British University and College Sports) team and with a membership of 68 students this year as well as 6 volunteer coaches.  

This year we will also be playing in the BUAFL (British University American Football League) Northern 2A Division. We will be playing the other 4 teams in our division home and away resulting in 8 matches.  

American Football is currently the fastest growing sport in the UK. With more and more NFL International Series games taking place at Wembley Stadium every year, as well as live games being broadcast on TV, people are beginning to find out about what makes America's game such a great sport.

York Centurions aims to bring the best American Football experience to the students of University of York. Regardless of if you have been a fan of the NFL for many years or if you don't know your quarterbacks from your cornerbacks, all are welcome to come and join the Centurion family. 

A tight knit group, we love watching, learning, training and playing American Football and this year we need your help to keep playing the sport we love.


The money raised in our YuStart project will all go into buying the gear needed for the club to continue playing the sport we love this year. Our minimum target of £1000 will allow us to kit a gameday squad with the new jerseys we need. The jerseys are a pivotal part of American Football kit, preventing injuries in collisions with our pads and giving us our unique identity as the black and gold players of the University of York. due to our new intake of players, a full restock of our jerseys is a must. this is why we need your help. 

Here's a sneak preview of the new design......

If we reach £2500, all our squad will be kitted out and our full target of £3,500 will enable us to buy other key items such as helmets, pads and training gear such as agility ladders and tackle bags.

We are fortunate to have the support of 6 volunteer coaches who put us through our paces weekly and these extra items will allow us to better train and condition ourselves to be prepared for game days.


For those who want to support the legion by making a gift - THANK YOU!  We have some great rewards that are tied to the donations to say a massive thank you. Check them out!


To follow the team and keep up to date on everything the Centurion's are doing, you can find us at:



We hope you'll want to be part of our legion by making a gift, but you can also support the Centurions by  getting our name and project out there.  

Sign up as a helper for our project and share this page on Facebook, Twitter and via email as well as following the Centurions on social media. The more people who know about this project, the more likely we are to make our goals a reality.

Become a sponsor, support the black and gold of York University and join the legion today!  

Thank you!

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You'll receive a thank you on the York Centurion's website! For any ex-players/coaches we will create a profile for you in our alumni section as well

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In addition to our website thank you we'll send you a termly newsletter this season to keep you updated with all that is happening with our team

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In addition to the above rewards, we'll email you game reports after every match, and send you a signed photo of our 15/16 squad with our thanks!

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Not only do you get the rewards above but we'll throw in a Centurion themed gift, currently a York Centurions T-Shirt designed by Surridge. A must for all fans of the game.

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As a thank you for your generosity in addition to the rewards above you'll receive an additional gift of merchandise themed with Centurions branding. Watch this space!

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All + your company's logo will appear on all merchandise so we can help to promote your company

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All + your company's logo will appear on all merchandise and our game jerseys. We will also undertake promotional work for your company as our way of saying thank you for your generosity

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