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Completion Date: Wed 05 Oct 2016

What is You’re Hired?

You’re Hired is a mobile application that allows both student and professionals to prepare for interviews by instilling in them the self-confidence and all the skills required to be the best possible candidate for any job interview. Aside from general tips and suggestion for interviews, the app will consist of basic interview questions and suggested answers for preparation, sample covering letters, interview tips and techniques, and additional packages for industry and company-specific questions, as well as language packages in French, German, and Spanish, to practice and improve your interview skills in different languages. While the basic features of the App will be available for free, both the industry and company-specific package and the language package is accessible at a minimum charge ranging from £2.99 to £4.99.

The special feature of the app is the simulation of a real life interview with the help of a pre-recorded video of a mock future employer asking a selection of random questions. The user can respond to these questions which is recorded by the App. They can then replay and review their performance multiple times and save it to their profile. Users also have the option of consulting with a mentor by sharing their video with them and receiving valuable feedback on their performance. This feature is available at a price of £5.99.

The core aspect of this App is that it acts as a social networking platform for its users. Members can connect with each other, share their profiles with them as well as rate and comment their feedback on each other’s interview simulation videos. In addition to this, members can also practice interviewing each other by playing the roles of the employer and the job candidate for a fun and interactive practice session with their friends.   

This App will be launched in Aberdeen in the first month and the UK in the later months of commencing operations from the launch date. In the initial phase, it will be available only to android users. Once the necessary funds have been raised, the app is expected to be ready for use within six months of closing the crowdfunding campaign. 

The Team (Team 2)

We are a small team of just five members that have come together from various corners of the world to pursue our MBA at the University of Aberdeen:

·         Chandra Kurniawan: Chandra brings colour to our team with his beautiful designs and graphic            representations of the business idea.

·         Magdalena Guz: Magda keeps the team on track with her ability to understand the market           needs to develop and customise a market product that meets these needs.

·         Natasya Putri: Natasya is in charge of presenting our idea to our customers with exciting           marketing activities.

·         Sharanya Varma: Sharanya keeps the business going by managing all the operations and           future planning.

·         Zafira Maaz: Zafira plays with the numbers and handles the accounting bit of the business.

Our Story

Being a bunch of post-grad students nearing the end of our degree, we were entering an unstable phase of career planning. By now, we were too familiar with many of our friends’ stories on how they failed to sell themselves well at their job interviews. And it looked like some of us might be going down the same road. This got us thinking. The post-graduate market clearly had a need- a need for some device that enabled them to practice and enhance their skills to present themselves at interviews. There were other products in the market meeting their needs. But the real question was how to create a valuable product that can help you network as well as receive feedback from professionals without spending much. That’s when we came with You’re Hired.

Where will the money go? 

  • Raising a minimum fund of £25,000 is the basic requirement as it will be used to design and develop the    App itself.
  • Achieving the full target of £35,000 will help us cover other costs (apart from App development) like    content creation and initial marketing.
  • Our supporters will receive updates of every milestone achieved, no matter how big or small, from the    crowdfunding campaign until the product is launched.
  • Breakdown of start-up costs including excess amount:
    • App design and development: £25,000
    • Content creation: £10,000
    • Any excess funds received will take care of:
      • Legal expenses: £500
      • Insurance: £1500
      • Marketing: £2917
      • Stationary: £120



There are some cool and quirky rewards lined up for our dear supporters, including T-shirts with sarcastic and funny quotes, opportunity to apply to our start-up company, and to attend workshops on interview tips and techniques. They are on limited offers, so hurry up!

App Design Prototype

Help us succeed! 

  • So please support us and help us make this possible. Feel free to share this page with anyone you may know would be interested and would be willing to help us out.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.    Is this App available outside the UK?

Currently, this App will be available only in UK. We plan to expand operations by the second year from the launching date.


2.    Is it compatible with android and iOS?

This App will be launched for Android initially and later for iOS.


3.    Does this App require a subscription fee?

No subscription fee is needed to access the basic features of the App. To access special packs (language, company-specific questions, requesting feedback), payment is required.


4.    Can I download and save my practice videos?

You can save it in your profile and access it through your App offline, but it cannot be downloaded to your device.


5.    Can I select the mentor that reviews my performance?

No, mentors will be assigned to you based on their availability.


6.    Can I get feedback on my language proficiency for my practice performance in languages other than English?

Yes, mentors specialising in the respective languages will be assigned to you, if requested. This is a paid feature of the App.

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