iPads for our future!

Learning Together, Reaching Higher. Help Ysgol Nannerch create the tech-geniuses of the future!

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This project received pledges on Wed 18 Jul 2018


Number of students that will benefit: 56

Age of students: 4-11

% eligible for free school meals: 2.5% (3 year average)


About us

Ysgol Nannerch is a rural church school in the heart of North Wales. We are a small school but despite this, we are we are a big family. Our community is very important to us and is a big part of our school.

Our school is special because we all know one another, we help and support each other and we are passionate about always improving our resources.

Who is this for?

This will benefit the whole school, from Nursery up to Year 6.

We share 8 iPads and 5 Chrome Books at the moment and are desperate to increase how many we have!

Why do we want it?

We already have some amazing technology that we could only dream of at home - but there is a real need for the basics!

A further four iPads will help us to develop our skills and help us prepare us for the challenges ahead!

We have already purchased 12 Spheros. They are amazing and have had a huge impact on our ability to code. We control them through an app on the iPads… but we don’t have enough!

iPads are also used help us to learn all sorts of things across the curriculum. We have used them to support phonics, to do Science investigations, Maths challenges, creating instructions on a Stop Animation and using iMovie to promote our school committees… and that’s just the start of it!

iPads help us in being more independent. We are becoming producers of technology and not just consumers. Amazingly 75% of the future jobs do not yet exist. We need to be prepared and adaptable for are future... We are the future!


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Please support us and help make a difference to the pupils of Ysgol Nannerch.